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15 Fall Road Trip Musts

With fall fast approaching road trips and bon fires are in the air. That being said, so are new and trendy fall fashions that are simply to die for. Here are 15 musts for your fall road trip.

15 Fall Road Trip Musts

Fashion for Your Fall Road Trip


1. Infinity Scarves – These cozy scarves never go out of style and are perfect for keeping you warm on those impromptu hikes

2. Boots – You always need a great pair of boots and having some that are great for nature walks is ideal

3. Knit Hats – These warm and super cute hats are perfect for the crisp fall nights and can keep your noggin warm in style

4. Cranberry Lipstick – For those that are a bit more daring, cranberry is the color to beat this fall, try swiping on some lipstick to brighten up your day

5. Big Sunglasses – Yes, these somewhat buggy lenses are still in style, try on a pair to keep your eyes protected and your look super cool

6. Nature Inspired Jewelry – For those that love avante garde fashion, these brooches and pendants are perfect, find a bug near you that compliments your every look

7. Pastels – though fall is usually all reds and oranges, pastels are in right now and are perfect for the fashion conscious

8. Hair Accessories – Another big trend is cute accessories for your mop, try a cute head band or a great clip to jazz things up

9. Baggy Sweaters – These oversized pieces are perfect for snuggling up by the fire and keeping warm with your road trip buddy

10. Boyfriend Jeans – These comfy jeans are still a great buy and can be super comfortable and chic on those long car rides

11. Gloves – Though the air is still not as cold as winter, a pair of fingerless gloves can keep you toasty on long fall nights and are super cute

12. Blazers – These structured jackets are perfect for stopping off to shop or get a bite to eat, these can add structure to even the slouchiest of sweaters

13. Sun Dresses – Though summer is coming to a close, a good sun dress can help you make the most of the great fall weather and can bring back a bit of summer

14. Tights – Though some people prefer leggings, tights are always a classy way to dress up an outfit

15. Leather – What would anyone be without the perfect leather jacket, this is a perfect way to usher in colder months