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2018 Fashion Trends

Fashion trends, for better or worse, are always changing. Men’s style is what separates some of us.. from the rest. What’s in one year may not be in the next; making matters even more complicated, trends may skip years and resurface in the future.

2014 Fashion Trends

2014 Trends That You Can Wear Now

Below are 15, 2014 Fashion Trends, for men and women:

1. Solo Earring

A few runway women have been wearing one earring, usually boldly designed, on one ear. We’ll see how long this fad lasts.


A few women have also been wearing holographic dresses or skirts, or iridescent clutches.

3. Double Breasted Blazer

This men’s top has made a resurgence– it was popular in the 1980s.

4. Printed Blazers

Also for the guys, printed blazers have become popular– whether imprinted with plaid, stripes, floral patterns, etc.

5. Floral Patterns

Speaking of floral patterns, they are both popular for guys and gals. Be careful with not making your outfit too loud, however.

6. All White Everything

Although it can be hard to pull off, designers have been trying all white attire. Take caution in trying this, however.

7. Practical Fashion

Unlike the previous item, anoraks and other practical items have become in vogue.

8. Mesh shirts

Mesh shirts have become popular for men, largely because of how they are lightweight.

9. Color Blocked Tops

This choice is perfect for anyone who wants a little boldness without being too bold.

10. Solid Colors

Solid colors are not only trendy, but they allow you to match more easily.

11. Robe coats

As odd as it sounds, a robe that doubles as a coat is all over the runways, for both sexes.

12. 60s attire

Partly attributed to the show Mad Men, knee-high boots, mini skirts and other items from yesteryear are in.

13. Big Clothes

This doesn’t necessarily mean baggy, but rather oversized. Big can still look good.

14. Belts

Belting up a dress at the waist has become popular for women.

15. Blanket Scarves

They’re essentially oversized scarves that double as blankets.

So, there it is. 15 styles that are contemporary and modern. This list is by no means exhaustive, but rather an overview of what’s popular.