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Ayurvedic Tips For Glowing Skin

Ayurveda (Meaning “Life Knowledge”) is an age old traditions and time tested medicine. With the chemicals laden modern creams and lotions not being able to produce the desired result, women and men are looking forward to Ayurvedic tips for glowing skin. This has caught people’s imagination because it is purely natural and has no side effects, easy to use and does not pinch your pocket much.

It is a proven science having started in the Indian subcontinent, now much sought after form of medicine all over the world. Who does not desire a beautiful glowing smooth skin and more over every man is attracted to women glowing complexion. A radiant, glowing skin is also a sign of good health. Kayachikitsa and Rasayana-tantra are branches of Ayurveda, which especially deals with skin toning.

Ayurvedic Tips For Glowing Skin



Here below are some of the best Ayurvedic tips for glowing skin.

1. Understanding Your Skin Type

No two persons are same. We need to understand our skin type to give it the right care. Ayurveda quotes three different types. Vata skin, Pitta skin and Kapha skin. Once this is done, you can choose the right Ayurvedic tips for glowing skin. You will see heads turning to have a second look at you.

2. Practice Vegetarianism

Vegetables can be the magic wand and one of the best secret Ayurvedic tips for improving facial skin complexion. Especially the high water contends vegetables like Radish, Lettuce, Watermelon, Carrot and Cucumber. They are easy to digest and not heavy on your stomach.

3. Sleep Well

Basic Ayurvedic tips for improving facial skin complexion advise a good seven hours sleep. Resting your body with a good night’s sleep can be a natural ways for glowing skin. A sound sleep will also be a deterrent to skin aging.

4. Magical Food – Cereals and Nuts

Not many people know about Omega 3s. One of the instrumental Ayurvedic beauty secrets and natural ways for glowing skin. Nuts and Cereals like sunflower seeds, almonds are specially good will cure any imbalance in your system by providing fiber and healthy fats.

5. Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Oil massage is the key word when it comes to outer care of your skin. An oil massage with Almond oil or Apricot oil 3-4 times a week before going to bed is the best care for your precious skin.

Give it a try and you will see the results yourself.