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Ayurvedic Treatments For Dry Skin

Here we will be looking at some of the best natural Ayurvedic home remedies for dry skin as well as the causes of such conditions. Dry skin is caused by a number of factors, one of the greatest of which is the amount of water the body intakes every day. This is the easiest to remedy; for optimal rejuvenation, try drinking at least eight glasses of water a day.

While this may sound like a lot think of all the coffee and soda you sip in between work breaks, or all the margaritas downed with your friends. Start keeping track and substituting your soda, coffee and alcohol for good old fashioned aqua suddenly eight to ten glasses of water a day doesn’t seem quite so daunting.

Ayurvedic Treatments For Dry Skin

Another common cause of dry skin is a poor diet consisting mainly of fatty foods and sugar, which will not bring your skin the nutrition it needs to achieve optimal health or a lustrous shine. The best Ayurvedic skin care beauty tip in this regard is to simply stop eating fast food, or at the very least stop consuming it regularly. Both your energy level, weight and the health of your skin will thank you later.

So those are some common problems for the bodies’ skin, but what are some effective, common solutions? Below will be listed a number of Ayurvedic treatments for dry skin that are not only effective, but also incredibly easy for you to make yourself in the comfort of your own home. First up is the old, egg on your face, literally, take the yolks of a egg, stir and beat to consistency and then apply to the face and let dry for about twenty minutes or so before you wash thoroughly. This may sound strange and slightly gross, but if you can get over the oddity of it your skin will doubtless thank you in the long run.

Next up we have a slightly more complicated remedy, this involves taking turmeric, barley flour, mustard oil and a little water. Add several tablespoons off all the aforementioned ingredients into a bowl, stir and beat into a paste than apply to face. This oily substance will help heal the skin will giving you a youthful glowing look.

One of the best known DIY in-home skin care treatments only takes two mushed up bananas and about two tablespoons of honey. Add both ingredients to a bowl, stir well and then apply and let dry for about fifteen to twenty minutes. If you follow some of these tips and tricks your skin will doubtless be looking more youthful and healthy in no time, but more importantly, it won’t just be looking healthier, it will be healthier.