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Essential Beauty Tips For Round Faces

Round faces don’t look unattractive, of course; yet today’s popular media sources definitely show a bias in favor of oval shapes. Women born with round faces can take advantage of some essential Beauty Tips For Round Faces in order to convey an impression of a more ovally shaped face. In case you possess a naturally round face and you choose to modify your image, just follow these useful Tips:

Beauty Tips For Round Faces

Tip Number One

Apply darker shades of natural skin tone to the areas along the outside of your cheeks, extending inwards slightly to make your cheeks appear hollower. Then apply slightly lighter makeup powder along the ridge of your nose and the outlines of your upper cheeks, below the eyes, and blend the areas of overlap. This process will direct attention to the center of your face, making the rounder outer areas less noticeable.

Tip Number Two

Consider applying vivid eye shadow in distinct lines along the lower rim of your eyelids (for the same reason). Make sure your emphasize your eyes by using eyelash darkener to create long, lustrous dark lashes.

Tip Number Three

Makeup Tips for a round Face should include efforts to emphasize the chin and lips, also. It can help some people create a more oval shape if they also apply darker skin tone lotion in their natural color to the outside of the chin, and place lighter skin tone shades on the center line of the face. Once again, it’s vital to rub the two contrasting shades gently to blend them so the make up does not appear noticeable.

Tip Number Four

Face Shapes come in many different forms. Rounder faced people who do not want to emphasize the circular shape of their faces may need to consider foregoing certain hair styles that jut outwards around the face. Avoid a butch cut or a page boy style hair cut, for instance. Instead, women may want to pile their hair upwards on top of the head, and tease some curls forward to gently ring their forehead and brow.

Tip Number Five

Beauty Tips For Round Faces would remain incomplete without adding this final, most important note. Remember, natural beauty remains more than skin deep. It emerges from the inside to invigorate your every waking moment. Carrying yourself with a self-confident, graceful demeanor focuses on your beauty far more effectively than any other step you can take.