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Best Sunglasses to Buy For Your Guy

Sunglasses are the perfect gift for a guy. Shades are a fashion statement and are offered by eye wear brands like RayBan, Oakley and others. We know that shopping for you guy can be a daunting task. Sometimes he claims not to care, but when you end up buying him the wrong thing, he most certainly does care. This can be especially true when shopping for accessories like sunglasses. What are the best sunglasses to buy for your guy? The best place to start is with the fashion world.

Best Sunglasses to Buy For Your Guy


Best Sunglasses For Men


Aviator Sunglasses

It really doesn’t matter what the hot new trends are in fashion when it comes to Aviators. Aviator sunglasses are the perfect complement to any outfit and look good on all guys. They can be used for more formal outings and on more casual outings. So, regardless of whether you’re heading to a dinner party or the beach, consider aviator sunglasses.

Plastic Sunglasses

The retro 80’s look is in right now. If you have a guy that is into fashion, consider purchasing him a fun set of plastic sunglasses. These classics come in all kinds of colors, but if your guy is bold, a set of neon plastic sunglasses will work perfectly. Although they are less formal than some other types of sunglasses, they are still quite versatile.

Round Sunglasses

While round sunglasses are definitely non-conventional, they are a fashion statement for those who like to think outside of the box. Therefore, if your guy has a bold fashion sense, accessorizing him with round frames can be one way for him to express himself. Round sunglasses don’t always look good on all face types, however. Consider your guy’s face and decide whether or not rounded sunglasses would look good on him.

Oversized Sunglasses

While oversized sunglasses typically look great on women, they can also look great on men. These tend to be a bit more fashion-forward than the typical men’s sunglasses. If your guy is up to the challenge, it may be a good idea to check out some oversized sunglasses for him.

Regardless of what sunglasses you choose for your guy, be sure to consult him first. Ask him about what he likes and dislikes and proceed from there.