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Best Walking Shoes for Overweight People

Obesity is a huge concern in the World today. According to government statics:

• More than two and three adults are considered to be overweight
• Close to one-third of children and adolescents between ages 6 to 19 are considered to be overweight.

Doctors all agree that more activity is one of the best ways to combat the growing epidemic. Walking is one of the easiest ways to increase activity. However for people that maybe overweight walking creates more stress on the joints, and in the backs of walker.

Best Walking Shoes for Overweight People

The Top 5 Best Walking Shoes for Obese People

This does not mean that overweight people should not consider walking as a way to increase activity, only that overweight walkers should give extra consideration to the foot ware worn while walking. Proper foot ware will support the weight of the individual decreasing the amount of stress put on joints and the back of the walker. Following are a list of the best walking shoes for overweight walkers.

Reebok DMX Reedirect:

The Reebok DMX has a rubber soul that with impact reducing air pockets at the bottom. Made from out of a mesh material the DMX shoe allow the shoe to breath and keep the foot cooler and drier when utilizing walking as a workout. The Reebok DMX is reasonably priced at around $70.

Asics Gel-Tech Walker Neo 2:

Asics compensates for common condition associated with walking (the development of bunions). Asics gave the Gel-Tech Walker a wider toe box area with an expandable “bunion window” that lessen tension on swollen joints and toes. Priced around $100.

Ecco BIOM Walk:

The flexibility of the BIMO walk is part of a growing trend known as “barefoot walking”. The term refers to the shoes ability to protect the foot from the damage caused by walking on pavement, while allowing the foot to move more naturally, and less restricted. By doing so the feet can be protected while reaping the foot strengthening benefits of walking barefoot. Prices around $175.00.

Hush Puppies Veracity:

For a dresser walking shoe the Hush Puppies Veracity combines the traditional Hush Puppies comfort and design with an extreme make over in appearance. While they may look more on the fashionable side, there is no mistaking that these shoes are made for walking. Designed with cushioned insoles and arch support, the leather of the shoe provides a supportive fit that is excellent for long walks. Priced around $80.

Scarpa Caipirinha:

While possessing a more casual look the Scarpa Caipirinha’s sturdiness is not at question. The sole is made of slip-resistant Vibram rubber. The shoe is designed to be firm in the back and flexible in the front, and perfect for long periods on spent on the feet. Priced around $130.

When picking the right fit in a shoe, overweight walkers should not be sacred to try different shoes for fit. Finding the best fit for support and flexibility for the individual’s feet will allow the individual to minimize side effects of walking. Comfort is not just an added convenience to walking shoe it is a necessity in order for walkers to get the most benefits from their workout.

So there you have it a good walking shoe is a reasonable investment into a individuals health. Even if a overweight individual is on considering using walking to increase activity a good walking shoe is essential to relieve the stress of normal everyday walking. In the end the better care you take of your feet, the less pain and discomfort they will have. A good walking shoe goes a long way towards properly taking care of your feet.