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What Can I Wear With Tan Ankle Boots?

If you have a pair of tan ankle boots, you might wonder what exactly you are able to wear with the boots. Thankfully, ankle boots are extremely popular this year, so the better question really is what shouldn’t you wear with the ankle boots. With that being said though, there is a long line of exceptional options. All of this can help you always look your very best, regardless of what you are doing and where you are headed.

What Can I Wear With Tan Ankle Boots

How to Wear Fashion Ankle Booties

Tuck Your Pants In

Tank ankle boots are going to go great with a pair of dark leggings. This helps elongate the look of your legs, so if you have short legs, this is an excellent way to look longer and taller. Of course, you can also utilize this look with skinny jeans as well. Just about anything you can do look wise with the leg gins while wearing tan ankle boots you can do with jeans.

Rolled Up

Sometimes showing off just a little bit of skin right at the top of the boots is a great way to go. This helps break up the all-clothing look and is also going to help show off your legs and your butt. The best way to do this look is with a pair of highlighting skinny jeans. This is a look that is going to go better with jeans than leggings, as the underside of the leggings is usually the same color, but with the jeans, you have the nice contrast of lighter denim while you wear the jeans. Of course, if you like this look, you can also go with the jean cuffed look. This is where instead of just rolling up the jeans a small amount, you pull the jeans up a bit further so the bottom portion of the skinny jeans is more noticeable. Whichever one you decide to go with, you are better off going with a dark denim over a light denim.

Sock it Up

Some people love this look while others don’t, but regardless of your personal preference, the layered sock look is here. In order to rock this out, you need to wear a pair of leggings, and then on your feet you want to have knee high socks, but push the socks down so each is scrunched up and sits just a few inches above the top of the tan ankle boots. This gives a nice look of contrast.