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Caring for a Lip Piercing

Caring for your pierced lip is important, because the healing process can take 6-10 weeks. People have fewer infections with oral piercings, because the mouth naturally fights off bacteria. However, if your lip is poorly taken care of, then it can still get infected.

Aftercare of Lip Piercing

The most important information to remember is that your body is treating the new piercing as a wound. This means that you may experience normal healing symptoms such as scabbing, redness, bleeding and swelling. There may also be yellow pus inside the lip piercing.

How to Take Care of a Lip Piercing

There are many things you can do to deter bacteria from entering the new piercing. You can also speed up the healing process.

  • Do not smoke, drink or eat for about three hours after your piercing is done. Your new piercing is especially vulnerable to infection during this time.
  • Your hands need to be kept clean. This means washing your hands before touching the piercing. Sometimes other people may be tempted to touch your new lip piercing. They also need to wash their hands before touching your lip.
  • Clean the lip piercing with basic soap and water twice a day. You can also clean the area with antibacterial soap. You can use any soft material to clean the piercing, but a cotton ball or cotton swab works the best.
  • Good oral hygiene is a must. Remove food particles by brushing and flossing twice a day.
  • Gargle with salt water. This will keep your mouth cleaner, and it will make the healing process go faster.
  • Take Vitamin C or Zinc to speed up the healing process.
  • Do not forget to clean your jewelry, because it will also collect bacteria. The most effective way to clean your jewelry is with warm soap and water.

If your lip piercing gets infected, you may be tempted to use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. Do not use these two products on your lip piercing. Alcohol and peroxide can actually hinder the lip piercing healing process. Ibuprofen can also decrease the amount of pain caused by a lip piercing infection.