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Coats For Fall

Shopping for coats for fall is usually a seasonal adventure, especially for women and girls. The search often uncovers a plethora of choices and sometimes a hidden treasure or two. Typically, men and women end up with a variety of coats for fall and winter because they serve different purposes. Longer coats may be most appropriate for professional and formal appearances, while shorter coats and windbreakers are useful for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, skiing, and yard work. The trends and styles will change from year to year, but there are a few basic things that stand out with each shopping experience.

Coats For Fall

Traditional Styles

Wool coats, pea coats, and other traditional styles are still available for winter, but the traditional coats for fall are slowly phasing out. Three season coats and jackets are becoming more popular, and are versatile enough to match existing outfits and personalities. Windbreakers are probably the most notable of the traditional fall coats and jackets and come in a variety of colors, lengths, and styles. From the economical machine washable versions to the upscale dry clean only models, there are plenty of traditional coats for fall to choose from.

Modern Accents

Among the latest trends in coats for fall are colorful vests. Some silky coats have detachable hoods and sleeves that are created in a variety of bold fall colors like golds, oranges, reds, and browns. There are many designers who specialize in fall coats that add pizzazz to an otherwise dull outfit. Because the weather in autumn can be rather unpredictable in many climates, there are some advantages to modern fall coats. Temperature control coats provide breathable fabrics that prevent sweating and overheating due to rising temperatures throughout the day. Many of these coats can transition easily into winter months when a down lining is zipped into place and the detachable hoods and sleeves are added.

Care And Storage

Unlike fur coats and other sensitive fabrics that require extra care when it comes to cleaning and storage, most fall coats are more resilient. These fabrics and weatherproof jackets can be wiped clean or laundered and stored in a closet. Lightweight suede and other materials will need a bit of extra attention to preserve their luster until the upcoming seasons. These coats and jackets can typically be cleaned according to their instruction labels and stored in plastic bags, preferably hanging in a closet or storage unit. An important consideration when storing any clothing is that the area is free from excessive temperatures and moisture. Attics can become very hot and stuffy, which may produce harmful condensation. Careful storage will ensure that coats for fall are ready to use next year.