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Cute, Quick, and Easy Hair Styles for School

cute easy hairstyles for school

7 Really Cute and Easy Hairstyles for School

1) One of the most easy but cute and quick styles to do is the crossover clip: gather the top portion of your hair that you want into this hair style. Split it the hair into two even portions, then take and cross one section over the other. Take a crocodile clip vertically and slide it into the cross sections of hair. Easy simple and very quick.

2) Next is the layered ponytail: divide your hair in four sections, horizontally tie them off with ponytail ties. (Down the back of the head)
Tie the end of the first ponytail into the base of the second ponytail. Do this with the other ponytails creating four connecting ponytails.

3) Anyone want a braid: pull your hair to the back split it into three parts, then take the one in the middle and pull it over the the one on the left, now the one that was left is now in the middle you can cross the middle over the right strand, the right strand is now in the middle take that middle one and cross it over the left one then repeat. You can do this with a side braid to make any easy and cute look.

4) Ok this one is so cute. Take a scarf and tie it around your head with all hair under the scarf, start at one side take and rap the hair around the scarf at the end place a hair clip to hold the ends to the scarf.

5) This time take the hair on the sides of your head and twist each strand then place both strands into a ponytail and done. If you get tired of the twist you can braid the two pieces and add a clip to the back where they connect or leave in a long ponytail.

6) Put your hair up into a ponytail, then braid it. Take the braid and rap it around the base of the ponytail making a braided bun. (Add jewels or small clips to add pizzazz)

7) Gather all your hair to the top of your head, put a ponytail holder on the hair. For short hair put the hair and split it up add a bit of hair spray on it, done. For longer hair rap the hair around the base of the pony tail. Add a little hair spray to keep it in place and add a clip to the ends to add pizzazz and keep the ends from showing.