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Common Beauty Mistakes Made on a First Date

In an ideal world, you would have access to the full range of makeup, the time and the financial capacity to refresh your cosmetics every season and skills required for proper application of makeup. Make-up is a great tool that can help you improve your look, but it must be applied correctly, especially if you want to impress a man at the first date. It should not look artificial or as a mask.


First Date Beauty Mistakes

Here are the First Date Beauty Mistakes women make:

1) Too much or too little makeup Makeup should be applied depending on the location and time of the day. What looks perfect for the evening, can look disastrous for a day light first date. When you mistake repeatedly to give you much makeup, you feel like you strive too much and yet without any effect. During the day, keep your makeup more natural. The fear of not looking too artificial, some women forget all about makeup. A minimal makeup will give the impression that tries too hard to stand out. For a simple but effective makeup all you need to use is a moisturizer, blush, mascara and a little gloss.

2) Staying in the same colors, products and techniques If you still the same eye shadow, blush and lipstick that you used the first time? Well, if one year has passed since then, you really need a trip to the beauty shop if you will be again at your first date. Just pay attention to makeup trends. Do not say you have to throw or to replace all makeup products that you own or have to use a certain shade of lipstick just because the catwalk models do. Just try to change the colors, even cosmetic brands and his eyes will totally be on you.

3) Using wrongly the foundation cream You have perfect skin and a perfect technique for applying the makeup so can use the proper technique in applying foundation cream, but if you do not use the right shade for your skin color, the results will be poor. To choose the right foundation, you should try three shades, one that is closest to your skin color over a darker tone and a more open. Choose the one that best covers that seems to disappear into the skin. Try them just on the face, cheeks to neck. One that will look natural shade is ideal. If you opt for a shade close to that of your complexion, it will be very easy to design a perfect makeup.

4) Excessive eyebrow threading (ignored or exaggerated) – as the eyebrows are an important part of your face, the perfectly plucked eyebrows and eyes can increase and will highlight your entire look. If you do not understand, it’s good to put yourself in the hands of a specialist or use one of the programs available on the Internet with which you can see if the form they now have your eyebrows is the ideal. Growing up, eyebrows are becoming rarer, so if their pensions too thin, could not you ever grow. Follow the natural brow arching and clip the natural line at the top and bottom. The worst thing you can do, you or a professional, is to leave too thin eyebrows. As a Dating Advice you should know that properly cared it will completely change your makeup.

5) Applying of a rainbow of shades on the eye shadows at the same time – When you see so many colors in makeup kit you tend to use them all. Recommended is to use three colors at once, a medium shade on the eyelids, a lighter to highlight the brow bone and one darker. Dating Advice: For a simple makeup for a day is enough to apply one color.

6) Giving attention on only one area of your face – There is a fine line between highlighting and exaggerating. For example, if you do not want to attract attention to your lips that do not mean you have to leave then nude. Just adding lip balm or gloss, it’s the only thing you have to do.

7) Lipstick or lip augmentation by liner – Most women fail to draw a perfect line when they outline their lips an inch or two away from the normal contour. Another mistake is applying lipstick or gloss site and then a pencil.

Beauty Tips to Look Flawless on First date


Tips to Look Flawless on First date

You should not grieve nor get used to the idea that’ll never have the perfect makeup for your first date. Many girls and women are doing a lot of Fashion Mistakes daily, not even at their first date. Following Tips for Perfect First-Date Makeup will surely make you look flawless at your date.

1) Take care of your skin daily – Not even all makeup in the world can compensate the facial skin with many problems, non-hydrated and unkempt. Before applying the makeup should think about your skin health. If you have dry skin, apply before makeup a very moisturizing cream. Oily skin looks better if you used before a makeup oil-free lotion. Just use suitable care for your skin type. Creamy formulas are better suited, as well as if you have wrinkles. For normal to oily complexions can use powder. This way, your first date will be 100% successfully having already your skin in good condition.

2) Remove the makeup before sleeping – If you have time for makeup, also you need time to remove it. If you leave your makeup on during the night, this will be bad for your skin (not to mention the traces on pillows). You will not be able to apply creams and lotions to clean any skin deep. Remove the eye makeup first and only later the rest from the face. Respecting these Essential beauty tips and your face will look impeccable.

3) Pay much attention to your individual features – It’s a very thin line between highlighting facial trait you prefer to exaggerate them. Instead, you like to admire the stunning eye makeup, will be more attentive to them. The trick is to use a subtle eye makeup and just rest on your face. For example, if you do not want to attract attention to your mouth that does not mean you should ignore her. Use a lipstick with lip color or a shade close gloss.