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Footwear Trends for Men

High-end footwear says volumes about who you are. Whether you rock Kenneth Coles, Mark Ecco, or some other brand of men’s shoes you have your own style. Men who have thought they mastered the way to impress women will often discover their shoes are lacking in style and fashion. Many women will check a guy out from their head down to their feet. If men have bad taste in shoes, then they will not be impressing many women. One thing to know about the styling of shoes is they can make or break any outfit selection. The proper selection of shoes will also be crucial to anyone who is going out with friends or applying for a new job. There are footwear trends for men that need to be known when looking for a new pair of shoes.

Footwear Trends for Men


Latest Trends In Men’s Shoes


Dress Shoes

Many businesses are starting to embrace business casual attire. This means a fine line exists for shoes that are seen as dressy and casual. There are many shoe styles that can be used for both informal or formal occasion. One aspect about dressy shoes is a choice of many options which can offer a suitable match for formal or informal fashion. One trend seen in many dress shoes is a square toe and not wingtips. Another thing about dress shoes is being wider and more square and not round or narrow. The selection of shoes can be loafers or laced. A rubber sole and not wood is the best option if people who want to dress down their shoes.

Casual Footwear

There are many options for shoes that can be worn with a suit or for any type of work. The options which are available will depend on a person’s line of work. Many types of casual shoes can look like an assortment of dress shoes. There are selections that may have a wedge heel or a rubber sole. Shoes may be in the form of ankle boots with hook and loop for a fastener or laces. A form of loafer which uses an elastic band is an option if a new fashion style is desired. This style is a form of slip-on shoe which can be a great option to use for subtle originality.

Cross Trainers

There are a wide variety of shoes for men who want a style for walking or any type of sport. The shoes that should be chosen for a standard fashion style need to be subtle. Do not wear shoes meant for being on a basketball court as they are often jazzed up and gaudy. The best option for shoes, such as sneakers or cross trainers, is basic colors. This often includes beige, gray, and white as they will work well with black, red, yellow, and blue highlights.

Hiking shoes are a great choice over shoes that have a busy design. This type of shoe works really well with khakis and jeans.