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GIRLS: Shoes for the winter?

It is a proven medical fact we lose our body heat fastest through our head and feet. So having the proper footwear in the frigid cold is vital to survival. The proper foot wear in the winter does not have to be big and bulky. The winter gear is now stylish and comes to match any outfits.

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Not only is proper lining in the shoe important to keep your feet warm, the traction is too. After all, icy drive ways, side walks, and streets cause more harm to a person than snow or wind. If you do not have the proper traction on the bottom of your shoe, then your are likely to fall and break your foot, leg, hip, arm, or wrist. Broken bone injuries increase with ice on the walks.

Next, you want a shoe that is gortex lined or has thinsulate in it. This will reduce your body heat escaping dramatically. It is important to protect your toes from the frigid cold since they can easily be lost due to frost bite.

The style of shoe is always important for safety and fashion. You want footwear in the style of a boot. So minimum recommended it a ankle length hiking boot. There are boots that go to mid-calf to the knee. These offer the maximum amount of protection and are the most stylish with any outfit.

Neutral colors go well for the fall and winter. The style of the winter months are usually associated with darker colors. For instance a light tan boot to dark brown will be a nice contrast against your jeans or khaki pants. If you are into the brighter colors all year round, a light neutral colored boot also goes well against pinks or blues. Most of the boot styles have fur lined tops to go with your personality.

So girls, shoes for winter? Don’t sacrifice your comfort and warmth for style anymore. Now they come in the same package. Just remember to find the right footwear that fits right, has the right amount of warmth on your feet, has the proper traction on it, then worry about the style.