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Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Round Faces

In your search for hairstyles for women over 50 with round faces (maybe that’s you) you’ve probably looked at more gorgeous models in magazines until you’re blue-in-the-face trying to locate that one style that will fit you just right. But hold on, folks! Just because you’ve rounded the corner on that half century mark, doesn’t mean you need to follow the trend of a 30 year old (or younger) and get a short spiky haircut with a purple stripe off to one side of your face like a movie star from the 1920’s. Or even a perm once every 10 days. And it also doesn’t mean that you should dye your hair the “flavor” of the month (blonde?) or even put your eyeglasses on a silver chain and hang it around your neck – ouch!

Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Round Faces

Today, ladies, there are NO rules to types of hairstyles for women over 50. You can wear your hair longer (round faces require a longer cut), straightened or curled in an “updo” just as long as it looks flattering on you is all that really matters. Actually, it’s a fact that many times haircuts may not work on your hair texture or facial shapes. And that often causes a minor conundrum when you reach that “certain 50” age. Will you look decent, respectable but not outdated?

That said, when you open the book of “common sense” you’ll most likely find that a round face does suggest a longer cut and the best cut will be one that passes by your chin, but not very far. A razor-cut will look best on women with round faces since it creates an illusion of a “longer face” yet remains stylish. Another idea to consider is a “square style.” Thin and finely sculpted layers on top of a short to mid-length will work quite nicely. The reasoning is simple enough. Curving layers that fall around your face will take away from the “squareness.”

Ergo, the bottom line in all this is to present the illusion that your face is longer, and a good hairstylist should be able to accomplish that task. It’s a fact that having your hair all one length at the front will cause round faces to appear fuller. So now that you’ve discovered how to solve those hairstyles for women over 50 with round faces, perhaps it’s time to locate that experienced stylist and get “crackin.”