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Homemade Hair Oils For Premature Gray Hair

Gray hair is a sign of aging, which sooner or later will appear in your hair. Although gray hair is just a cosmetic problem, both men and women we are very annoying and even more if they appear soon. Thus, today, we share some natural tricks to help you combat premature graying. Yet, we will first begin by explaining why this phenomenon occurs.

Why gray hair occurs?

Hair follicles, which are at the basis of our scalp, are like those leaving our hair; these contain a substance called melanin, responsible for providing color to them. The lack of melanin in the follicle is what causes gray hair beginning to emerge, and it is normal that with the passage of time is follicles are losing their natural melanin.

It is normal, or even as young children, some hair follicles may have little or no melamine, have one or two gray hairs. However an excess of gray before age 40 is a dermatological condition known as premature graying.

Premature graying usually arises as a result of other diseases, which include: thyroid problems, stress, anemia, vitamin B12 deficiency, reduced bone mineral density, among others.

Natural remedies for premature graying

Homemade Hair Oils For Premature Gray HairHowever, there are some natural remedies to combat premature graying, or even prevent, you can use without having to resort to aggressive tinctures, here are some of them.

Natural remedies to combat premature graying consist mainly of changing some of our bad habits, reducing stress levels and improving our diet, consuming higher amounts of fruits and vegetables, grains, low-fat dairy foods especially high in B12.

There are also some natural products and hair oils for graying that you can incorporate into your routine, which favor the production of melanin, delaying the onset of premature graying, see what they are. Below we share top Homemade Hair Oils For Premature Gray Hair:

1) Coconut oil. The coconut oil massage can be very effective for the treatment of premature graying. To apply you must purchase coconut oil in health food stores and apply by massaging your scalp. Ideally, leave it on overnight and wash your hair the next morning. Coconut oil in turn will keep your hair hydrated, silky and shiny.

2) Curry Leaves. Some components of curry leaves cooperate in restoring the hair follicles of the scalp. Curry leaves are used to flavor foods or applying directly to the scalp. To apply topically, a good idea is to put some leaves in a pot, along with a little coconut oil, bring to a simmer for a few minutes, let cool and then apply on the scalp by massaging to stimulate the follicles.

3) Amaranth. The amaranth plant is also very effective treatment for gray hair, the extract of fresh leaves applied directly to the scalp is very effective. In turn can be boiled leaves and use water to rinse your hair.

4) Gooseberry. Indian gooseberry is ideal as a natural treatment to combat the gray. To use this remedy all you have to do is let the sun dry currants, then mash until you turn them into dust. When you have this done, mix currant powder with coconut oil to form a paste, not too thick, you should apply daily massaging the scalp. This result in turn promotes increased hair growth. You can also make a preparation with a teaspoon of currant juice, a teaspoon of almond oil and a squeeze of lime oil and apply massaging the scalp. This natural remedy will help prevent and treat premature graying.

5) Henna and coconut oil. Henna is a plant that is used as a natural coloring and restorative scalp. You can prepare yourself a natural color, which in turn will help prevent future gray hair and restorative treatment. For this preparation you have to take coconut oil, place in a saucepan, add a few leaves of henna and let boil until coconut oil take a brown coloration. Let the mixture cool, then run it through the hair previously washed without conditioner. Apply evenly so that there are different shades. Leave 45 minutes and then rinse with water.

Well, the above are just some Homemade Hair Oils For Premature Gray Hair ideas to combat premature graying. They will help you prevent and treat gray hair, however, if these have prematurely appeared likely due to nerve, food or health problems, so you should review how your body is functioning.

Are you suffering from premature gray hair? Do you think it is due to some causes that we’ve mentioned? Act now and apply the best oils at home!