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Hottest Hair Color Trends 2018

This year’s hair color trends showcase an amazing variety of hot, hair color trends. Fashionable hairstyles with the right color is a must. Having the right shade of healthy, head-turning locks has everything to do with fashion, because like a sassy pair of stilettos or a stunning leather handbag, your hair becomes an accessory, too. That’s why the runways show us what’s in and what’s “haute.”

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2014


The Must have Hair Colors of 2014


At the moment, a platinum mane is where it’s at. Singer Gwen Stefani is queen of the platinum parade. If there’s one celebrity who knows how to maintain bombshell-blonde, it’s Gwen. She never goes out in public with a single, dark root showing. In fact, Gwen touches up her roots with a Q-tip every 10 days.

Television stars Dianna Agron, Zosia Mamet and Lena Dunham are just three more celebs who have taken the platinum plunge. Although the upkeep is expensive and time-consuming, platinum hair is pretty and expensive-looking.

Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez and Khloe Kardashian are three famous faces from a long list of beauties enjoying the modern, ombre hair trend. These celebrities are sporting similar, long and wavy hairstyles. The ombre fashion, hair trend features dark roots with sun-kissed ends. It’s a fab style for medium-colored brunettes. A number of models have strolled the cat-walk in ombre locks.

Ombre remains so in fashion, a D.I.Y. ombre by L’Oreal is a popular kit. The big beauty company says it’s simple to create your own ombre highlights—“As easy as brushing your hair.”

Red hair is also a warm, alluring trend to consider in 2014. Think rose gold, a rich, light auburn-colored mane like Jessica Chastain’s. She, Rachel McAdams and Sienna Miller are all turning up the heat in this hot, pastel peach, color trend.

Skin tone is key when trying to achieve the perfect hair color. Women with paler, cooler complexions could carry the rose gold trend quite beautifully.

When it comes to hair and changing up the shade dramatically, it’s best to visit a professional colorist. Bring in photos to make sure you’re both on the same page.

Remember 2014 is all about variety. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge!