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How Do I Keep My Hair Straight All Day?

Having been born with natural curl in my hair, I have always liked the natural look the best. In the 80s, big hair was the thing. It was the bigger the hair, the better. I fit right in and many girls and women were envious, because I had the wave they so would like. I didn’t have to use harsh chemicals to put a perm in my hair to make it look curly or wavy. Although, I did often use a curling iron on my hair to bring out the curl.

How Do I Keep My Hair Straight All Day

Ways to Make Your Hair Stay Straight All Day

But, now, it is a new millennium, century, and decade. The curl is “out”, and the straight is “in”. In order to keep up with the current styles, I have learned that there are different ways to straighten hair. I, also, don’t always straighten my hair, but when I want a different look, it is nice to know that there are other options and ways to keep it straight. Two of the ways I like are: 1) round brush and hair dryer and 2) straightening iron.

Usually, when I use these straightening methods, my hair stays straight all day. It does not require too much to keep it straight until I wash it the next day. It does require some different shampoos, creams, gels, or sprays; but, overall, it will stay straight all day long. I love the look for the day, and tomorrow, after I shower, I can go back to my head of wavy hair.

There is a more expensive more permanent way to straighten hair. It is Kerotin straightening treatment. It lasts for a long time. However, it is expensive, uses lots of damaging chemicals, and only lasts until the curly hair starts to grow back. It can be more trouble and expense than it is worth. However, I do find it interesting, in comparison to the perms of the 80s, that the “perm” of today could be straightening. Women with curly hair all over are doing whatever they can to achieve straight hair. No more curls.

I, for one, would not like to permanently straighten my hair. I like the many options of either curly or straightened. However, when I do straighten it, I do like to keep it straightened all day long. And, this is how I keep my hair straight all day long.