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How To Choose The Best Shaving Brush

Shaving is an art and with the right shaving brush, the results are exceptional. You will achieve the best results with shaving, but it’s the brush that will leave your face looking pristine and manly. These brushes will raise the hairs to enhance your close shaving experience. They flatten the beard strands and as such, they help minimize nicks and cuts on the skin.

Shopping for the best shaving brush isn’t a walk in the park. There are hundreds of brushes made out of different types of hair. The cost differs and the quality too. The handles and bristles differ, and you need to know how to go about it. This is one of the accessories that make up a man’s wardrobe and shopping for one needs careful afterthought. The moment you know what you a want a shaving brush to do for you, the easier it will be picking the best shaving brush off the shelves.

Why Use A Shaving Brush?

Even though men will shave using different methods, leaving out the shaving brush can make the task tedious and ineffective. Even though you have the right shaving cream, it’s not a guarantee that it will make prep your beard for a smooth shave. If you are used to aerosol shaving creams, they tend to matte the hair and squeeze it next to your skin. This makes shaving difficult. You are likely to push down the shaver, and this can lead to cuts, nicks, and bumps

With the right shaving brush, you end up straightening hairs from the skin’s surface. This makes shaving a smooth glide and the razor will leave your face looking sharp. If you are using water and a brush, you will exfoliate the skin leaving it smooth.

Using Shaving Brushes

Using a shaving brush isn’t the technical task you have to handle. You need to know how to do it instead of guessing how it’s done. The kind of brush you choose will determine how to go about it. You need to research more about the popular shaving brush types including boar, badger, horsehair or synthetic brushes. Some brushes are best suited for shaving creams while others work well with solid shaving soaps.

Before you start using the preferred brush, consider prepping it up with hot water. The brush can then be used to create lather inside your preferred container. When you apply the lather to the face it will be fun. You can flick or massage the lather onto your face. If you are using a combination of these methods, the better.

After using the brush, care and maintenance are crucial. You need to make sure that it’s not contaminated. Also, maintenance means that your shaving brush will last longer and serve you better. The process is simple since rinsing it in hot water will do the trick. Don’t leave your brush in water, you should keep it in a hung position for the water to drip off.

Brush Design and Usage

Shaving brushes will differ by design and construction. The material used will vary and so will the price. Before you spend cash on a brush, check whether you have sensitive skin or you want one that exfoliates your skin meticulously. It’s sometimes a matter of preference but the bristles will matter.

Style, Price, and Aesthetics

The style and aesthetic value of your shaving brush is another factor to consider. There are bland looking pieces but other designs will help you make the kind of statement you want. You will enjoy prepping your beard with a retro style shaving brush with a carved wooden handle.

The price of a shaving brush indicates quality. You can’t expect to pay cheap and get a quality brush. Often, shaving brush reviews will set you in the right direction. However, you don’t have to overspend just to own that boar hair or synthetic brush.

The size of the shaving brush determines the ease of use. It’s advisable to get a larger brush if you expect your shaving time to be stress-free. Remember, larger brushes will have more lather carrying capacity. The hair used to make these brushes requires scrutiny. Always choose shaving brushes whose hairs are hypoallergenic.

Check the Knot, Loft, and Height

Before you choose a boar, badger or synthetic shaving brush, make sure that the manufacturer or brand has a reputation. Make sure the dimensions, knot, loft, and height offer the ease of use you need for such a sensitive procedure. There is a need to take care of your brush. Even though you are using it for your wet shaving, don’t leave it soaked in water.

If you neglect proper care, the shaving brush can become a breeding ground for bacteria and it can lead to skin infection. There are dedicated shaving professionals with years of experience with these brushes, find one and make good use of the advice they offer.