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How to Clean Tongue Frenulum Piercing’s

The Frenulum of the tongue is the webbing that is under the tongue and it connects the bottom of the tongue to the floor of the mouth.

Tongue Frenulum Piercings After Care

A tongue piercing can take between six to eight weeks in order to heal fully. During this time it is very important for the piercing to be cleaned properly and thoroughly for this entire healing time. The main purpose of cleaning the piercing properly is to get rid of any discharge, food and also bacteria from the piercing area. If a person fails to clean their piercing properly or frequently infection can set in and also cause major irritation of the tongue.

How to Clean Tongue Frenulum Piercing

Best Mouth Wash for Tongue Piercings

Rinsing the mouth every three to four hours throughout the day is best especially to keep bacteria from getting into the piercing area. The best type of mouth wash to use is Listerine antiseptic mouthwash and Gly-oxide. If the Listerine is too potent and makes the piercing area “sting” then the mouth wash can be diluted to one part water and one part mouthwash.

The first two weeks after getting the tongue pierced is extremely important because the pierced area is especially prone to becoming infected. With the mouthwash, rinsing after every meal, drink and smoking is also best.

The Gly-oxide should be applied onto the piercing area two times a day. This can be done mainly in the morning and at night before bed. When using this type of antiseptic, the Gly-oxide will make the piercing area “bubble or foam” for only, at the most, thirty seconds. This is normal with this type of antiseptic.

Tongue Frenulum Piercing Risks

The tightness of the jewelry used in the tongue should always be checked so that it does not become too tight and cause irritation. When cleaning the piercing area, the screw of the jewelry may become loose and can either end up falling off of the jewelry or can end up being swallowed.

With any new piercing of the mouth including the tongue, french kissing or performing oral sex should be held off on. This can introduce foreign bacteria into the mouth and make infection a greater risk.

The most extreme part of the cleaning process is to always have clean hands when caring for the new piercing.