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How To Fix Hair Loss, Thinning, Damaged Hair?

Every individual wonder at some point of their life, “How to fix hair loss, thinning, damaged hair?” It can be scary and embarrassing too, at times. Well, there is no one and all solution for these problems because of varying hair conditions. Hormonal fluctuations, family history, stress, certain deficiencies, genetic factors, internal disease, overall aging or lifestyle changes could be a reason for your predicament.

How To Fix Hair Loss Thinning Damaged Hair

Though finding the exact cause can be challenging, it is always beneficial to take some baby steps and get your shiny, nourished hair back. Here are some general pointers that everyone can follow:

Consult your doctor:

Check with your doctor for a thyroid or iron deficiency. Skin disorders such as psoriasis or eczema of the scalp are also a common culprit of hair loss and thinning. Apart from these, hormonal fluctuations can also cause hair loss. Ladies who are pregnant or in their menopausal phase can also experience temporary hair loss.

Use gentle and natural products:

Exposing your hair to harsh chemicals, hot styling iron or sun can cause them to be dry and damaged. Make sure your shampoo does not contain sulfates, because sulfates extracts oil from your scalp. Stick to a conditioner that does not contain silicone. Use natural products as much as possible. Cut back on hair dyes while you are suffering from hair problems.

Keep your follicles healthy:

In order to keep your follicles healthy, massage your scalp with oils such as avocado, coconut or almond on a regular basis. Massaging improves the blood flow; help prevents dandruff and dry skin. Regular massage can also lessen the chances of brittle, split and broken hair.

Get a healthy diet:

Foods rich in biotin such as eggs, milk, nuts, vegetables and berries are vital for lustrous hair, so make sure they are part of your diet. Also, ensure a good amount of zinc, iron, protein, omega-3 fatty acids intake in your diet.

Apart from these, always wash your hair with lukewarm water as too much hot water can make your hair dull and dry. Dab your hair dry with a towel after shampooing. Do not comb your hair vigorously while they are wet.
In order to save yourself from continued hair loss and damage, start taking preventive steps as early as possible. So, that you do not need to ask yourself again “How to fix hair loss, thinning, damaged hair? “