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How to Get Rid Of Brown/Sun Spots?

Most people do not know how to get rid of brown or sun spots from their body successfully. Brown or sun spots appear on the skin when a person is exposed to the sun for a certain period of time. The sun produces melanocytes which causes the melanin in the skin to increase causing the dark spots. There are many names for these spots including dark spots and liver spots among the other names. Although these may seem like spots that cannot be removed, understand that they can be erased from the body through a couple of different remedies.

How To Get Rid Of Brown Spots On Skin

How to Get Rid Of Brown Spots Naturally

Use Lemon Juice

A person could rid their body of sun spots by applying lemon juice to their spots directly. Leave the lemon juice on the targeted area for thirty minutes before rinsing it off with cold water after the time is up. This process needs to be done daily for two months in order to see results.

Use Buttermilk

The ingredients in buttermilk help to exfoliate the skin during its use on the skin. This can help to not only remove brown spots but also blemishes from the body. The skin can also be kept soft as well with the use of buttermilk on the skin. The milk needs to be placed on the brown spots, unlike the lemon juice it does not need to be left on the skin for a long period of time. Leave on for a few minutes before rinsing it off with cold water.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar

A person could fade and dry out brown spots on the body with the use of apple cider vinegar. Mix the apple cider vinegar with an equal amount of water to help dilute the vinegar before applying to skin. Just like buttermilk you will only need to apply the mixture for a few minutes before rinsing off of your skin.

Use Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been known to heal the skin from many different damages that may occur. It is recommended that you use raw Aloe Vera instead of using the lotion mix for the raw gel will aid faster. Place the Aloe Vera on your skin spot and leave it on for about thirty minutes and then rinse off with cold water.

Getting rid of sun and brown spots can be performed by using the above remedies.