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How To Look Good In White Pants

The old rule of thumb was that white pants should only be worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day. In other words, white pants were thought of as an exclusively summer fashion. Summer, in fact, is still the most popular season for white pants. White linen is an excellent lightweight fabric that is comfortable during hot summer months. White pants, however, come in a variety of fabrics and shades. This makes it possible to wear white all year round. At the same time it is important to keep a few important tips in mind when wearing white pants. White pants can be very unflattering if you don’t follow a few basic rules.

How To Look Good In White Pants

Style Tips On How To Wear White Pants

Undergarment Tips

White pants can be very revealing so it is important to choose the right undergarments. You may be tempted to wear white underwear underneath white pants, but this is a major faux pas. White underwear shows through white pants very easily. The smarter choice is to select a color that matches your skin tone such as pink, beige, or brown.

Another useful tip is to wear pantyhose under your white pants. White pants can be easily unflattering to a woman’s bottom. The panty hose helps to give your buttocks a smoother appearance by keeping your skin tight against your body. Wear the panty hose over your underwear for the best results.

Size Tips

Consider buying a size slightly bigger than your normal pants size when selecting white paints. White pants should not be skin-tight or sleek. If you are interested in form-fitting skin-tight pants white is not the color. Wearing a slightly larger pants size ensures that your white pants do not cling to unwanted places. Selecting a slightly larger pants size makes it possible to wear white pants even if you are not a model thin.

Tanning Tips

Another fashion faux pas is wearing white pants with pale white skin. Instead of looking great you will look like you just got over a major illness. You should also have tanned skin before wearing white pants or capris. Self-tanning lotion is a useful solution. Rub self-tanning lotion on your legs and feet. Give yourself time when you are getting ready to go out in white pants. Self-tanning lotion takes a couple of hours to show results.

Fashion Tips

White pants go well with a variety of accessories and clothing styles. You can wear sandals for a causal look or black high heels for something more classy and upscale. Summer is the time to experiment and have fun with your clothing choices. White pants can be complemented with halter-tops, short sleeves, and a variety of colors and designs. Winter wear, however, is a time for more subdued color choices. Charcoal gray, dark green, black, or dark purple sweaters work well with off-white wool pants.

Care Tips

Anyone who has worn white pants knows one of the biggest challenges is to keep them fresh and clean looking. Dirty or dingy spots on white pants stand out like a sore thumb. Always read and follow the cleaning instructions on the label. If the tag recommends dry cleaning always take the pants to the dry cleaners. Always wash and bleach the pants according the label. Remember never to mix white clothes with colored clothes in the washing machine. Keep a bleach pen handy when you are eating or out and about. This will serve as a quick fix that prevents you from getting caught with dingy pants when you have to be somewhere important.