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It’s All In The Hair

Fashionable Hair is a must. However, some people think, rather mistakenly, that hair is just hair. That it is not considered a part of fashion or the fact that it is not a sort of fashion in itself. But that is obviously incorrect, as hair has become a way for one to show his or her unique style. And speaking of hair and fashion…this fall is seeing a renaissance in hairstyles, either by bringing back the old and keeping the current trends that are out there. That said, here are the hairstyles and trends that are very much in.

Current hairstyle trends


Current Hairstyle Trends

The Mod Look

Sixties hair is making a huge comeback, and not just the hippie, let-your-hair-down style itself. Basically, the trends and styles that defined the early part of the sixties–the Vidal Sassoon cut, the pixie cut, the slightly pouffed-up beehive, the classic Brigitte Bardot look, and the bangs-and-volume look. The mod trend has already invaded the runways at fashion shows, and as an end result has received very good reception. The thing with the mod trend is that it is very flexible and that there is something for every girl. It also gives them an edge that cannot be replicated in any other way.

The Preppy Look

This hair trend’s main feature is the ponytail, which is one hairstyle that will not be going out of fashion anytime soon. Traditionally worn up and tied with a cute ribbon, it has certainly evolved over the years. The runways at Altuzarra, for example, had a low-lying ponytail, and that seems to be the rage at the majority of all runways for their Fall/Winter lines. The low ponytail is also good because there is not much maintenance involved in keeping it in place, as opposed to the classic high, bouncy ponytail.

Another preppy hair style is not a hairstyle per se, but is in fact an accessory: the headband. There is a rise in jeweled, elaborately beaded headbands, and the way these non-conventional headbands are designed, they make others take a second look at your hair.

The Laid Back Look

Mermaid waves also took a big splash (no pun intended) at Fall/Winter runway shows this year. This hairstyle was also very big and popular in spring, but it is good that it is back for fall as well. The focuses of mermaid waves are random placement and a great deal of tousling! They are extremely perfect for girls with long hair, but it is important to note that a girl’s long locks require just as much precise care as Tiffany jewelry. But that care does pay off in the end, because mermaid waves evoke a carefree, au naturel look.