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Jeans For Thin Women

Women buying jeans, it is important to consider your body style. Thin women can still come in a variety of body styles. Are you athletically built, square, hourglass, pear? All these factors play a high role in how your jeans will look and feel. So, What jeans are best for thinnish women?

Jeans For Thin Women

If you have long lean legs and want them emphasized then wearing skinny jeans is your best beat. You can wear skinny jeans with heels, booties, sneakers, boots or even sandals. Pairing the skinny jeans with a shoe that has height is even going to accentuate your thinness and long legs more.

If you want to give your thinnish figure some curves, than a boot cut style with cat-scratches is a great choice. The flare at the bottom will add some dimension and the cat scratches will bring the eye out to any possible hip flare you have. Wearing a lighter wash will also give you the appearance of more curves because dark washes make you appear thinner.

If you are looking for a jean to show off your backside, look for one with embellishments and wide set pockets. This will draw the eye out and add focus to your rear end. Again a lighter or dressed color will add dimension. If you can find colored jeans, they can also draw attention to your lower half by becoming your outfits main attraction.

If you want your legs to appear shorter but still show off your thinness, crops are a great choice. They are often form fitting and yet cut the visual line for your legs at the ankle. They also are great for showing off an amazing pair of shoes.

You can get a similar look with capri pants. Again these visually cut your legs in half. They are a great option for thin women and can simultaneously add curves. If you choose a style with pleats, the capris will add dimension and fullness to your slender body style.
They best jeans for thinnish women can come in many variations. Thin women have the benefit of looking great in almost any style of jean. It just depends on what look you are trying to achieve or what body part you want to accentuate. A key in finding the perfect pant is trying on many styles and colors until you find the pair and cut you feel most comfortable in.