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Common Mascara Mistakes You Should Avoid

Mascara has become in recent years one of the most popular makeup products.

Mascara is considered one of essential cosmetics (is the most used makeup products) which has the great quality of “revive” even the simplest makeup or give a more sophisticated and a sexier look. Although it is women best friend, mascara can turn into a real enemy of eyelashes if is wrongly used.


Common Mascara Mistakes

Do you ever wrongly apply your mascara?

Here are some Common Mascara Mistakes to Avoid:

1) Using an expired mascara product – The biggest risk is to get an unpleasant to the eye infection, which is painful and treated over pretty hard. Usually mascara has a shelf life of three months, but if you notice dry, crumbly texture or has changed smell, the wisest is to throw it. Unfortunately, mascara products are among the fastest expiring items due to moist environment in which ingredients are (is it a very favorable environment for the growth of bacteria and microorganisms);

2) Apply mascara in too many layers – Mascara can be applied to eyelashes in maximum two layers. When you apply more than that is your eyelashes will be loaded too hard and, eventually, will stick unsightly and mascara will gather in small berries on top of them;

3) Pumping mascara brush too often – When you do this, the air enters into the mascara container, and the content will dry faster. Your eyelashes will rise unsightly when you’re using. The best way is to remove the brushes from the tube and remove the excess mascara on its edge brush;

4) Apply a coat of mascara over an existing one – If you feel like you need more refreshing makeup is not a good idea to apply another coat of mascara over the existing one. Not only the mascara will look ugly, but you risk losing your eyelashes. The best advice is to refresh your skin and use a lipstick;

5) Using mascara on curled lashes – Not only will stick together, but because they’re wet are more vulnerable and may tear or break. In addition, they will look very unnatural. The rule is to first turn your eyelashes and then use mascara!

6) Using waterproof mascara even when you don’t need it – Waterproof formulas are specially designed for specific occasions: sea or pool swimming, sitting in the sun etc, not for daily use. They are difficult to remove and daily cleansing can damage your eyelashes (they may break and can be rare);

7) Applying colorful mascara anytime, anywhere – Colored mascara really draws attention to your eyes, but it is a mistake to use it daily. If you have a colored mascara (other color except brown), use it only on special occasions and only if it matches the rest of your makeup.

8) Applying mascara on the eyelash peaks only – For sexy, long and bulky eyelashes, you should apply the mascara from the base to the ends. Mascara applied only on the peaks in the hope of ultimate elongation will not make you look sexier.

How to avoid getting mascara on eyelids


avoid getting mascara on eyelids1) Under no circumstances pump (when is outside) with a brush inside the tube. That will put air in and thus it will dry faster.

2) Use only a limited amount of mascara on eyelids.

3) Once you used mascara on the eyelashes, you can also add an extra layer located on the outer corners. That will make lashes look longer and eyes languidly more.

4) It is better to first apply mascara on the lower lashes, as the upper eyelid area will foals with mascara applied a few seconds before.

How to prevent mascara under eyes

For curling eyelashes there’re available two techniques: one permanent, lasting a month, or the provisional which is valid one day. To prevent problems with mascara under eyes you should use only high-quality products which will maintain the maximum control of your eyelashes and eyelids providing a flawless appearance. It can also prevent such a situation by applying Hairspray makeup on the face, to prevent separation of the fiber when the mascara it is dry.

How to prevent mascara from smudging

If you want to prevent smudging and that your short eyelashes looking longer you should use only sophisticated brushes.

prevent mascara from smudging1) Fastest makeup, being powered by a battery as they mechanically reproduce the zigzag movement performed by professional make-up artists to cover, separate and stretch your eyelashes and eyelids;

2) Ultra-precise, giving volume because they’re composed from three waxes (beeswax, camellia plant and the leaves of the “tree of life”). This mascara is ideal, especially due to its effect definition given by the brush with both short and long reaching and at the lower eyelashes and separates them accurately;

3) Dream bending, by alternating innovative thicker plastic with fine hairs that lie flat mascara on the eyelashes, while it bends. Therefore, to get the “cat’s eye”, you must put the brush directly to the lashes and twists as you do when you dry your hair;

4) Extra large volume is guaranteed thanks to plastic brush, much bigger than usual mascara that promises nine times more volume. Its formula enriched with collagen and thickeners slides easily and increases;

5) Easy application thanks to spherical elastomeric, separate them with ease vertically or horizontally. In addition, water-based formula of polymers makes lashes supple and perfectly covered.

However, if you want perfect eyelashes for longer time without having to use mascara every day, you can opt for the extension of eyelashes (they’re composed of synthetic fibers and follow the natural shape of eyelashes).

How to avoid Mascara blunders

1) Do not apply mascara to the lashes! The ideal is to start with the brush at the base of the eyelashes, slow and calculated, executing a wobbling motion to be sure to upload product on the shorter lashes.

2) Do not remove the right mascara! Removal of stubborn mascara can be a challenge and often if you do not use the product best – stick with lashes torn or situation in which the product has not been removed 100%. You can use slightly warmed coconut oil. Apply the oil on a cotton pad and let a few second eyelids begin to break down the product. Every application you have to start with a clean base on which you’ll be able to build not one already loaded.

Does Mascara hurt your eyelashes?


Does Mascara hurt your eyelashesIt is recommended to stay away from those types of mascara who have in their composition oil and varnish as in the long term, will thicken your lashes. In addition, consistent layers of mascara it will affect your eyelashes, because they are more difficult to remove and thus you will be tempted to make sudden movements which will break their fragile structure.

But the greatest danger comes from bacteria that grow inside the tube of mascara, which is causing eye infections.

Notice that expired mascara will surely put your health in danger. This is one of the most Common Mascara Mistakes to Avoid. Even if they were printed with the expiration date, you should not use the tube after last three months. Mark your mobile phone or onto a calendar the date when you opened first and buy a new one after passing of 90 days.

Mascara Mistakes to Avoid – Hints and Tips

1) Do not borrow your mascara to others! Mascara is only and only for your eyes. If you share it, for example, with your best friend, you risk infection.

2) Buy smaller tubes! The main impediment when it comes to using and then throwing mascara is that after three months, the tube is still almost full and do not bear to throw it. Therefore, it is recommended to buy your smaller tubes that will be consumed faster.

What’s the best mascara?

Getting the perfect eyelashes is possible only by using the right products for you, depending on the look you prefer. Given that the market gives women a lot of mascara brush models, each with special abilities, stretching, bending or providing much desired volume it is important to understand what result gives each model. For extra volume, brush makes the difference as is giving the final look.

L’Oreal False Lash Wings – gives the eyes the effect of false eyelashes, eyelash by lengthening and defining each volume. Fibers and amplifiers brush lengthens asymmetric lashes into the external corner of the eye, such as wide open wings of a butterfly, hence the name of this season’s must-have mascara.

Rimmel London Lycra Flex Scandals – you’ll get rid of this chair, you will not feel heavy lashes and you avoid breaking them. Provides maximum volume and elongation!

Maybelline the Colossal Volume Express Mascara – the quality of types of mascara launched by this brand is nowadays comparable to high-end mascaras. It gives full volume and water resistance.

Lancome Hypnose Star Show Stopping Volume 24H Waterproof Mascara – the design of this brush was really designed to give as many lashes. The brush has two faces – one with brushes of the same length, which helps to deposit product based on lashes and get volume, the other with longer hairs, which helps to separate lashes and lengthens them.

L’Oreal voluminous Excess Million Lashes – extremely rich brush in hand, covering every eyelash and brushes prevent loading them with too much product. In addition, the intensity of the pigment is comparable to that of the luxury perfumery products.

Chanel Le Volume Mascara – is very close to perfection and what most women looking at their mascara. Lashes are wrapped in a flexible and emollient formula that thickens threads based on peaks and define them.

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara – gives so effortlessly stretch and volume dramatically throughout the day to maintain safety and the possibility of applying on lower lashes for an intense look.

Final Considerations

•    Choose the right color- make sure that it matches the color of eyes, skin and hair.
•    Do not apply blush and mascara of the same color.
•    Use clear mascara.
•    Make-up discreet.
•    Use the curler lashes.
•    Use black eyeliner.