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Nighttime Beauty Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

Your skin is like a business card, but one that gives details about the state of your health and lifestyle, with all that means eating, physical activity, the influence they have on your environment, more or less harmful, stress and even cosmetic products. All mistakes and bad habits are reflected in the appearance of the skin.

Nighttime Skincare and Makeup Mistakes

Some of the most common cosmetic mistakes tend to become habits, because many women are very tired or lack of time. Whatever the season, your skin needs special care as weather conditions, creams and makeup that you use can do more harm than good if is not properly clean your skin.

Nighttime Beauty Mistakes

Capital Nighttime Beauty Mistakes

• The skin is not cleaned daily before sleeping – Whether you look or you’re too tired to use cleansing wipes before going to sleep, removing of the full makeup complexion is the biggest mistake you can make. At night, your skin needs to breathe, is the period when the cellular tissue in the skin is in the process of regeneration, and the makeup on your face is interrupting this process. In addition, night sleep promotes cleansed wrinkles and imperfections such as pimples, blackheads, blemishes and oily appearance;

• Cleaning your skin often – No matter how often you’d be tempted to cleansing, especially in cases where you sweat a lot, this process can be done only twice a day (morning and night). In addition, once removed, your skin will produce more sebum to compensate for the amount lost;

• Excessive cleansing with wool wipes – Watch what kind of products you are cleansing, as may do more harm than good. Beauty professionals recommend avoiding using a cotton swab and cleansing tissues, at least in the long term. Instead, it uses special cleansing with confidence disks. Also, be sure to grant you enough time to clean your skin as it should. It is not enough to give only once disc face cleanser. First, penetrates the skin cleanser, and a second time removes impurities;

• Do not use suitable cleanser – Skin care begins with choosing the right cleanser. Choose the right product according to your skin type, your age or your skin sensitivity. Make sure your cleanser does not contain parabens and other harmful substances in your body, such as sulfate lauryl and alcohol, which can cause irritation. Cleanser should be gentle and suitable for your skin type. Thus, for oily skin cleansing foam is recommended, while for sensitive skin cleansing lotions are indicated. If your skin is dry, then use a moisturizing cream cleansing;

• Do not use it with water – Some lotions and cleansing emulsions are used together with water. It is indicated to moisten your skin before, because some ingredients for cleansing products can badly interact;

• Not doing the correct skin face cleansing – To achieve the correct cleansing is better to use multiple disk cleansing. Cleaning the face begins with sensitive areas, namely eyes. They are clean from the inside out, with two discs cleanser. Let them act on closed eyelids and then continue with the rest of the face;

• Not doing, at least once a week, the natural peeling of the skin – is prone to premature aging and wrinkling;

• Using excessive amounts of night cream – Do not use large amounts of cream before bed; your skin will swell even more towards morning. You can use instead a light gel with peptides.

To have and to keep your skin beautiful, never forget:

Do not smoke and do not drink alcohol (excessively), because both lead to premature aging, drying and yellowing of the skin;
Drink plenty of fluids for hydration as good (at least 1.5 liters of water per day);
Take care of skin when is exposed to a very high or very low temperature- excess sunlight is very dangerous, causing skin cancer;
Do not forget to sleep! As more missing, the more your skin will become dull, dark circles and eye will appear tired. Vitamins and minerals keep the skin young and elastic
If you do not want to take the form of pills, eat fruits and vegetables as much;
The diet is also an important factor;
Do not abuse the soda, sweets, caffeine and fat. Avoid at all cost foods from fast food!
Do not forget to cleanse yourself! Facial massage increases blood circulation, resulting in a healthy skin. Do not use products recommended by friends or on own initiative, because you could worsen your situation. Do not use soap or shower gel to wash your face and do not use alcohol or alcohol lotion on your face, because you burn and dry skin;
Do not make excess of foundation, powder and blush.

Tricks which can help to mask the effects of a lost night:

Sleep itself is one of the best beauty therapies. During deep sleep, your body creates new cells and repair those affected by free radicals produced by the polluted environment, stress or due to sun exposure.

During sleep, try to keep your head as high for your skin to be well irrigated by blood, drink plenty of water before bed for hydration during sleep and do not eat anything 3 hours before sleep;

Chances are when you are tired or upset that your skin overnight revenge by the appearance of irritation or dehydration. The key is to not overdo the makeup. For a glowing uses a mineral powder with small shining particles.

Apply a bright shadow on the eyelids, lash line, just above the iris. Use mascara on upper lashes only, so you will provide an eye “lifting”, hiding under eye inflammation.

Nighttime Beauty Mistakes to Avoid

Nighttime Beauty Mistakes to Avoid

If you wake up with a dehydrated skin means that you have not used the right routine before bedtime: cleanse, tone and moisturize. Use a moisturizing cream if you do not clean well your skin before;

No matter how tired you are, make sure you brush your hair every night. Brushing removes dirt and debris, massages the scalp and activates blood circulation;

“Forget” to do your daily before sleeping shower – The resulting effect will be a dehydrated skin. A bath before bed would translate to: cleansing, moisturizing, relax, relaxation, relaxing. Experts say that the pores open and the skin is receiving moisturizers;

Forget that from all parts of the body, the hands are the most exposed to cold, heat, detergents etc. Besides moisturizer you can apply evening, just before bedtime, a very fat cream. Cover your hands with a pair of cotton gloves and keep them as long as possible, preferably until morning;

The same is true for the foot. After peeling the book, anoint your feet with a fat cream and add a pair of cotton socks for the effect to be total. Heels can benefit from the same treatment, if you replace gloves with socks;

Cleaning (Wash your face with an appropriate solution for your skin type), unmake up your eyes with a special solution, unscented and without other irritants, then moisturize!

Night is the best time to apply a hair conditioner, not before sleeping. In the morning you can rinse and style it as you like;

Overnight creams have time to do their job better. It is not enough to clean your face before going to sleep;

Should avoid cleaning the skin intensive and repetitive as it can remove natural oils from the skin and reduce its ability to heal itself;

Harsh chemicals and soap cleanser just can cause excessive secretion of sebum resulting in blackheads and pimples. Should avoid possible chemicals in cosmetics, carefully reading labels from purchased creams and shampoos.

Sleep itself is a handy weapon for beauty, but when you combine it with a few tricks, the results can be great. All the ingredients that you will apply to the skin at night will help more than those used during the day for the simple reason that the skin is more permeable during sleep, produces less oil and does not use its weapons to fight against dust and pollution.