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Perfect Face Care Routine For Blemishes

Looking for the perfect face care routine for blemishes? Well, look no further. Check out these simple yet affective steps which are proven to eliminate those embarrassing imperfections and stop future breakouts. And, as an added bonus, this routine is a sure fire way to keep bank accounts from going into the dreaded negative balance zone.

Perfect Face Care Routine For Blemishes

Building Your Perfect Skincare Routine

Step 1:

The first and most important step of said routine is to stop touching one’s face. Bacteria love to latch onto just about any surface that they can, and a person’s face is no exception. Dirt likes to accumulate in people’s pores, creating nasty, white headed pimples. So, as a general rule of thumb, keep as many phalanges away from the facial region as possible. It will only lead to a puss filled nightmare.

Step 2:

Next in the routine comes a relatively easy step. Knowing one’s skin type is essential to having a blemish free face. If someone’s acne is pretty mild, they should avoid buying cleansers that are high in acids. These will over dry a person’s skin out and end up causing more blemishes to appear. Once this distinction has been made, purchase the cleanser which coordinates with the breakout level and use it each morning before the day is started–be it in the shower or over the sink.

Step 3:

Third on the list of perfect face care is oil blotting sheets. These are normally not too expensive and are great for skin care on the go. All it takes is about one thin sheet of the oil blotting paper to get rid of the oil/grease that accumulates during the day. Simply swipe the paper over the areas of interest and presto. Unsightly blemishes have one less chance to sprout up on one’s face. Unlike many skin care products, this particular item comes in many brands and all work exactly the same.

Step 4:

Makeup can be a huge contributor to blemishes. That is why one of the final steps is to remove any cosmetics one may be wearing before more is applied and before one goes to sleep. Water and a wet rag will more or less get the job done, but it is highly recommended to use some sort of makeup remover. Items like wet wipes and creams tend to get more of the cosmetics–as well as dirt–off of a person’s skin than plain old water.

Step 5:

Finally, apply a facial mask to get rid of any excess dirt that has been left behind. This also may open up the pores, allowing the skin to breath. Clogged pores are yet another horrid affair in skin care. However, overuse can be an issue too. As mentioned earlier, familiarity with an individual’s skin type is a must. No one wants to spend tons of money and time on all these products only to find that their skin condition has gotten worse. Keep flakes away by merely doing a bit of research.

Now, please do not be fooled into thinking that all of the imperfections will be erased overnight. This routine does work, but it takes time. It all depends on how severe a person’s acne is. Some faces take months to clear up, while others take days. The best advice is to just stick with the steps, and, eventually, that dream of looking into the mirror and seeing a smooth, confident face will become a joyous reality.