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Short Haircuts for Overweight Women Over 50

Short haircuts for overweight women over 50 can add style and take years off you depending on how they are carried. Understandably when one is overweight, one tends to struggle with dressing style and accessories to feel motivated. Haircuts and hairstyles are a big contributor to one’s looks. It is equally important for women aging gracefully and over 50.

Short Haircuts for Overweight Women Over 50

Hairstyles for Chubby Women

It is always advisable to keep the shape of your face in mind when choosing a hairstyle as the face shape plays a very important role in how each short haircut would be carried. This is an important consideration for overweight women. A safe bet would always be to carry a haircut that you have worn all life and has been the most popular with you amongst your friends and family.

For those looking for a transformation without being brave can always try the classic bob. It gives a better volume effect that can work wonders for thinning hair which could be a possible concern for women over 50. Normally, the classic bob is not advisable if you have thick hair, but when we talk about overweight women, the extra puff tends to portray more balance to the eye in line with the body. The other variations of the bob are interestingly popular too and very simple to achieve.

The bob looks softer with an asymmetric partition running like a long frontal bangs across the forehead down to the chin slimming a chubby face. For those who still like to spice it up, a light hue to the bangs can say it all. The bob with a razor cut front ending just below the chin with a relatively shorter and trimmed back looks modern. Make it naughty with ruffled bob and longer bangs covering the sides of the face slimming it.

Another classy short haircut is the pixie. Though not for everyone, if you can carry it, the pixie can add a lot of years and dashing appearance to your aging grace. The slightly messed up pixie adds flair to the curves especially on matured women. If you have a bigger forehead, you could opt for shorter bangs. For those with a smaller forehead, longer bangs are advisable.

Be Confident in who you are,
carry yourself like you are a star!

While you are working at that weight,
there is no reason to not look great,

Remember that you are never too old,
Re-live the spark in you, try something bold,