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Street Style Goes Casual

There has been a big new trend hitting the streets of many major American cities and that is street style returning to the casual. It can be hard to stand out when going in to work no matter how well you pair your outfits due to the constraints most workplaces impose upon their dress codes. However, for a night on the town, there is no such restrictions and you are free to wear what you please. So this begs the obvious question, what street styles will set me apart from the crowd this Fall and Winter season when street style goes casual?

Fall and Winter Street Style

One of the new things you can do to catch eyes in all directions is to go for the wide brimmed hat, edgy chic look. A wide brimmed hat is not the fashion choice that most women will go for first but it lends a undeniable dramatic flair, especially when paired with appropriate attire. Wide brimmed hats, especially very dark, matte black ones, go excellent with tight leather jackets, oversized boots and casual black or gray dresses and black leather bags. Match all these with a dark red or red, black checker scarf and you will be surprised how edgy and chic it looks.

One of the primary strengths of the wide brimmed hat look is it’s fantastic versatility. This dress style also works well with pale gray blazers and coated skinny jeans. Pair these with some leopard print shoes and a slick, pleated handbag for added sophistication to your combination.

This style can be more geared toward fall by choosing a more brown, off white or gray hat in a neutral shade. There is something about soft, pastel browns that just screams, “Fall is here!” You can’t exactly pair this kind of hat with the same edgy and primarily black outfits mentioned about, so what do you combine it with? The short answer would simply be, other neutrals and pastels. The longer answer will take a bit more time, but saying, add in some light skinny jeans with a boat shoulder sweat in icy off white, would be a very good start. Think turquoise bag and snake skin print shoes, black open toed shoes and earth tone metal or wooden bracelets.

There is also something undeniably cinematic about throwing in a trench coat with your wide brimmed hat. So if you are feeling a little more inclined towards the neo noir look, try out this combination. Throw in your favorite little black dress and some nice ankle boots, a solid brown hand bag and toned down, emblazoned scarf and you will be good to go! Remember that there are no limits with this trend so use your imagination. Think of the above mentioned combination as a general guideline for when street style goes casual.