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Three Tips for Silky, Shiny Hair

How can I get shiny and silky hair?

Have you have ever wondered, “How can I get shiny and silky hair?” For many women, the desire for healthy, touchable hair causes us to do strange, bizarre things: like run our locks through two flat pieces of metal capable of causing third degree burns, or shell out huge wads of cash every few weeks, or wear ridiculous caps while coloring certain fortunate strands of hair. While straightening, visiting the salon, and coloring our hair do result in trendy hairstyles, they are not the only means available for women who want beautiful hair. In fact, several beauty tips can actually make your hair healthy, silky, and shiny even after it has been damaged by heat or color treatment.

tips for silky and shiny hair

3 Ways to Have Healthy, Shiny Silky Hair

1. Eat foods as near their original states as possible. Over-processed, preservative-laden foods containing non-food chemicals are simply not healthy for your body. Since your hair is part of your body, choose foods that nourish your entire body if you want to have healthy hair. This doesn’t mean never to eat fast food again; on the contrary, eat whatever you are given with thanks. Just remember, if you have a choice, raw vegetables are more healthy than snack cakes.

2. Try eating Amla. This Indian super-food is extremely sour, but it is excellent for giving hair a beautiful lustrous shine. Many Indian mothers encourage their daughters to eat it like candy, and the girls who do are well rewarded as teenagers by their long, glistening manes.

3. Treat yourself to a hair treatment. Mayonnaise, eggs, and lemon juice for blondes and apple cider vinegar for brunettes are hard to beat. Okay, honestly, this may not seem like much of a treat. The truth is, however, that the oily goop smearing into your scalp until your entire head smells like a salad results in soft, shiny hair that no one would ever dream looked like, well, a pile of manure. Before bedtime, simply massage some combination of the aforementioned condiments into your hair, starting at the ends, and working up toward the roots. When you are finished, wrap your head in a towel and go to bed. In the morning, shampoo–two or three times, if necessary–and continue with your normal hair care regimen. If you want to blow-dry, go ahead! Feel free to fire up the straightener, also. When you have worked to nourish your hair from the inside out, you will be amazed at the soft, lustrous locks. And don’t be surprised when someone asks you, “How do you get such shiny, silky hair?”