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Top 10 Fall Fashion Trends

Fashion trends change with the seasons. As we say a fond farewell to the warm summer weather, fall is bringing exciting new looks to keep warm as the air turns cooler. The top trending fall fashions are in and the look is astounding.

Top 10 Fall Fashion Trends

Fall’s Hottest Fashion Trends

Long, Warm Knits

Knits keep us warm, long knits are the seasons bold, cozy trend. This fall we are finding long knits in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Pair them with simple accessories and create a nice, warm look for fall.

Dressing up Velvet

This fall the velvet dress is getting an upgrade. Pair slinky, silky velvet material with contrasting textures and designers are creating amazing looks for the velvet dress. Just in time for the Holiday season.

A-Line Style

A-line styles make a splash into fall with their slimming quality. The A-line dress or skirt easily transitions from day wear to eveningwear.

The Cape

This fall, the classic trench is replaced by the dramatic cape paired with a simple outfit is the statement. The fall collection of capes is simple to dramatic. Make a statement with a warm and inviting cape draped over a simple suit for a professional, inviting fall look.

Textures to Mix and Match

The textures this fall are amazing. Whether wearing a textured top or dress, this fall texture is in. Mix it up for a low-key statement of fall fashion perfection.

Colorful Faux Fur

Wearing real fur is not a politically correct these days. Real fur has a limit to colors verses faux fur, which can be any color of the rainbow. Fur takes on a completely new color when it is not the real thing. This fall look is animal conscious and fashionable.

Plaid is Modern and In

Fall not only means back to school, it means new fashion. Plaid is in with a modern twist. Jump into fall and back to school with a plaid top, skirt, or even a handbag. You cannot go wrong with the modern, classic plaid for fall.

Dazzle and Sparkle

For sparkling fall statements, add some dazzle to your autumn wardrobe. Sparkles are in for fall. Sparkling, monochrome, patterns and simple motifs all dazzling is making a huge statement. When it comes to sparkle, you cannot have too much.

Outerwear for the Sporty Look

Classy and dressy are not normally associated with outerwear; this fall sporty outerwear has gone high class. Not only are the outerwear fall designs fashionable, they are very functional.

Pastels for Cooler Weather

Dark neutral colors may be a fall go to, but this year add a splash of color with some cool pastels. Pairing cool pastels with neutral colors is in with this fall’s fashion explosion. Go ahead, pair that pastel blouse with those black trouser pants.