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Quick and Easy Ways to Thicken your Hair

Hair has for a very long time been regarded as a reflection of people’s identity. It explains why people will go an extra mile and back into their pockets to have it taken care of.

Hair care has mostly been seen as a women’s thing, but you will be surprised to discover that men are equally worried about their appearance, especially in regards to their hair.

Every man wants a healthy looking full beard and hair that covers all of their scalps. However, there has been a problem of hair loss and thinning that ends up making hair scarce on your head or beard. Various factors contribute to that including protein deficiency, genetics, stress medication and exposure to harsh hair treatments and products to mention a few.

If you are dissatisfied with the density of your hair, the following points will be helpful in getting the volume back.

  1. Quit smoking

The first thing that you will need to do is adopt a healthy lifestyle. You should get rid of your cigarettes or go slow on the consumption. You must be asking what smoking has to do with thinning or hair loss: it has everything to do with it. You must be unaware of the fact that smoking causes an increase in the hormones that are responsible for hair loss.

PS:  Nicotine, (a compound found in cigarettes), constricts blood vessels limiting the flow of blood to your organs. When blood flow to the scalp is hindered, your hair is deprived of the necessary nutrients required for its growth.

  1. Avoid exposure to heat

Sources of heat could be both the sun and hair styling tools. At least cover your hair with a hat/ cap when you are going to sunbathe. What happens is, when you expose your head to the scorching sun, the scalp develops sunburns which trigger the production of a compound known as superoxide that redirects the hair follicles from growth to the shedding phase. Also, a lot of heat makes your hair fragile and brittle – something that makes it so easy to break. Less heat will make your hair more voluminous.

  1. Proper nutrition

The reason why your hair is thinning might be that you are negligent in your diet. To return its glory, you should consider paying extra attention to the protein and vitamin part of your diet. Lack of proper nutrition will cause thinning. Examples of suitable sources of protein are salmon, nuts, legumes, and eggs.

  1. Wash your hair

Your hair might be appearing thin just because you don’t wash it as often as you should. There is so much speculation that hair loss mostly occurs when cleaning. Well, that should not be the case, dirt and grease make your hair patchy: they make it lie flat. With the right washing techniques, you can get its density back. Use a good shampoo and avoid water with extreme temperatures (too hot or too cold) while cleaning.

  1. Let your hair dry naturally

Wet hair is three times weaker than dry hair. That is why you should avoid applying pressure to it when wet, as it is more vulnerable at this point. If you wash your hair, you should let it dry naturally. If you have to use a towel, just pat it dry. Rubbing it will only make it snap, and you will end up having thin ends.

  1. Use hair thickening products

Many thickening products are available in the market; shampoos, conditioners, and sprays to mention a few. These products contain polymers or compounds such as ketoconazole that will help to preserve your hair. Most of them may have temporary effects in making your hair appear thicker. For long-term results, you should make the application more regular. Some of the shampoos may seem to irritate you, in such cases, you can consider using non-irritating shampoo at intervals.

There are more practices, other than the mentioned that can make your hair thicker such as ditching harsh hairstyling products. Additionally, going slow on combing and brushing your hair and styling it using your hands will help a great deal. Get creative and a little playful with the hairstyles too; it will work out for the time being!