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What is the Best Way to Remove Facial Hair?

Admiration of one’s own appearance is not vanity. There’s not a single person out there who doesn’t want to look his or her best. Everybody has a beauty routine. For example, some people might use several methods to stop the signs of ageing, and other people might use several methods to remove facial hair. But what’s the best way to remove facial hair? What methods should you avoid?

Best Way to Remove Facial Hair

3 Ways to Get Rid of Female Facial Hair


You should avoid tweezing. Because the skin on your face is very delicate—unlike the skin on the rest of your body—you should never try tweezing. While tweezing is a cheap way to remove facial hair, this method will cause the facial hair to break off. In other words, tweezing could make the facial hair grow back under the skin, causing an ingrown hair. In addition, there’s a high risk of getting an infection, or breakouts, if you don’t sterilize your tweezers.


An epilator is a better option than tweezing. An epilator is a device being used by thousands of people around the world to remove the roots of facial hair. However, don’t get the idea that the epilator will remove your facial hair forever; hair will grow back after 5 weeks. Unlike the electric shaver, or razors, epilators don’t use blades, so you will never cut your face while using an epliator. Also, according to some reviews, it can be painful the first few times you use it, but the pain will lessen once you become used to it.

Hormone Treatments

When doctors found a link between polycystic ovary syndrome and excess of facial hair growth, they came with the conclusion that hormone treatments can help lower the amount of hormones linked to hair growth. However, this method will not work for every woman, and should be avoided since these treatments have many side effects.

If hormone treatments don’t work, and tweezing, or using epilators, is too painful, what’s the best way to remove facial hair? The answer to this question is laser treatment. This treatment is very expensive, but is the only treatment that will cause the facial hair to fall out over time; the light pulses will destroy the root of the hair, not just facial hair.