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What To Wear For Job Interview

Job Interviews are tough… Confidence is key, and wearing the right clothing carries more weight than you think. The wrong decision could easily affect your outcome, especially since job interviews are all about first impressions, which generally affect how you are perceived with your prospective employer. If you think back to your initial encounter with your spouse or significant other, chances are that you took your time to ensure that every strand of hair was in place. You may even have blown your budget to increase your wardrobe with a new outfit and anything else you could think of to impress your date. Here are a few tips to assist you with dressing the part and getting hired.

What To Wear For Job Interview

The Clothes

Just as you would want to impress your first date so that it could turn into a second, remember that your clothes can turn you into an impeccable applicant or have the exact opposite effect. The thing to consider is the job you are applying for, in other words, don’t bother putting on a suit for your interview if you are interested in becoming a construction worker. Being over dressed for an interview may not be as bad as being under dressed though. Would you hire someone to be your CEO if they turned up in a pair of shorts and a tank top?

The Appearance

There are times when casual attire fits right into a job interview, however, it still shows a sign of disrespect to sit down with someone who is going to provide you with a job with a tee shirt that bears the symbol of a skull and bones, or something just as distasteful. Men should be particularly mindful about shaving their facial hairs, or at least trimming their beard before showing up for an interview. A new suit with a pressed shirt and matching tie will go a long way to make you look good, but it doesn’t matter how well your resume is, if you don’t shave first you are sending the wrong message.

The Accessories

Prospective applicants hunting for a new job should be paying attention to detail. A brief case may not be necessary if the job you are trying to get is in an auto shop, but it will show your prospective employer that you are determined to be organized. In addition to that fact, you can also keep an extra resume and a pen in there if you need them. Stay away from bright shiny jewelry that will draw attention to yourself as this is not only distracting, but it might give your prospective boss the impression that you care about yourself more than anything else.

The Environment

Applicants who are seeking a job that will keep them on their feet for most of the time they are on the clock should pay particular attention to their footwear. It is important for an applicant to understand that the interviewer will be gathering information about them during the entire encounter. It is true that a great deal of the interview will be about your qualifications, but the interviewer will also try to envision you in the position you are applying for. A pair of heels might be great for an evening event, but if you are applying to be a nurse, or you have aspirations to serve at a restaurant, then comfortable shoes should be the preferred choice.

The Big Picture

As you consider the proper attire for your job interview, remember that you will be under a microscope and that in most cases, the applicant pool will be extensive. Knowing something about the company you hope to get on board with before you prepare for the interview will not hurt your plans. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and compare to some of the employees who presently work for that company, do you see yourself fitting in? If you don’t, then adjust your wardrobe so that you will and don’t forget to get a haircut.