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What You Should Know About Lip Piercings

If you are interested in lip piercings, this is the article for you. Here we will take a look at piercings so that you can make an informed decision. Whether you want to know where to get it done or how to care for your piercing, this article will fill you in on the details.

Lip piercing

What is a Pierced Lip?

Piercings of the lip involve insertion of a special type of ring into the corner of the lip. The piercing can be anywhere on the lip. The piercing is typically completed in the same manner as a pierced ear, so a needle is used for the job. Some people claim there is no pain, others say their is minimal pain, and others claim that it hurts! Your tolerance to pain will determine how it feels to you. The person who is performing the piercing can also help the experience be more comfortable for you, so ensure that you choose a trustworthy professional to make your piercing.

Types of Piercings

There are several different types of piercings that can be applied to the lip. This includes:

Snake Bite Piercing: A piercing that uses two rings on the bottom of the lip.
Angel Bites Piercing: Similar to the snakebite, only done on the top lip.
Marilyn Monroe: This piercing uses a ring on the top left corner of the lip, similar to the mole of Marilyn Monroe.
Madonna Piercing: Similar to the Monroe piercing, only on the opposite side of the lip.

As you can see, there are single and double piercings available so you can easily find something suitable to your tastes.

Your piercing professional can provide you with photographs and more information about these piercings, as well as the numerous other styles that might be of interest so that you are sure to get just what you want.

You will need to choose a stud or an earring for your lip. There are many styles, sizes and colors available to suit the needs of all. For best results, use a gauge that is under 16 mm. The larger the stud, the larger the hole in your lip will be, and the greater risk of developing an infection or other problem.

Who Pierces Lips?

Although almost anyone can pierce a lip, it should be done only by a professional. Professional piercers ensure that the needles are clean and disinfected, and that things are done in the right manner. You will be instructed on the proper care of your piercing once it is done.

There is always a potential danger of infection setting if you are not careful. To avoid potential trouble with your piercing, avoid touching it as much as possible, and do not play with it with your tongue. It is also imperative that you instill the proper dental care at all times once you have your lip pierced.

Is Lip Piercings right for You?

There is no age or gender that piercings are made for. Anyone, male or female, of any age can have a piercing if it is something that they so desire to have done. As long as you go to a professional to have the piercing done, and take proper care of it, you should have no problems at all.