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Which Eyeliner Is Most Attractive On A Girl?

The question is often asked, “Which eyeliner is most attractive on girls?” The eyes are said to be the window to the soul so defining these beauties is of utmost importance to most girls. Shape and color of the eyes have an impact on color and application of eyeliner.

What eyeliner is most attractive on a girl

Eyeliner by Eye Color and Eye Shape

If you are a brown-eyed girl, you want to use an eyeliner that makes your eyes pop. If the wrong color is chosen, it can actually make the eyes look dull. People who have dark brown eyes look fabulous with dark eyeliner shades. Those with medium to ligth brown eyes have a bit of an upper hand because they will look fabulous in most colors. For example, dark brown eyes are neutral though have an alluring aura. This is why they pop with darker eyeliner shades. All shades of brown eyes should stay away from pinks and light purples as these can make the eyes look swollen and puffy. If looking for a soft warm look, try deep bronze colors, deep plums, and golden browns.

If you are a blue or green-eyed girl, you should first determine which shade you are. Darker hues will look fantastic with dark browns, blues, or charcol. If you have a lighter hue, choosing lighter colored eyeliners is better as too much of a good thing can have an undesired effect and the eyeliner will look harsh. Jet black and dark navy blue are the colors to stay away from if you are a blue or green-eyed beauty.

A smoky cat eye scores big points for night-time events. Precise application is key and sadly us girls must practice to fine tune this skill. To achieve this dramatic look, simply dipping the brush in eyeliner and then gently applying the length of the upper lid as close the lash line as possible is the first step. If you want a winged look, then you can draw a thinner line and then carfeully fill in being careful not to apply too much. When finished, you should have a solid line that extends past the eyelid. To brighten eyes more, apply white to the corners of the eyes. Following these simple ideas will answer that nagging question, “Which eyeliner is most attractive on girls?”