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GIRLS: Shoes for the winter?

It is a proven medical fact we lose our body heat fastest through our head and feet. So having the proper footwear in the...

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Punk Wavy Hairstyles

Asymmetric Blonde Bob with Random Waves Bright Yellow Waves with Puffy Front Caramel Waves Rolled and Pinned to One Side Cool Blonde Waves with Dark Fringes and...

Formal Hairstyles For Girls

A-line Bob Hairstyle Black Tight Pony Bob Hairstyle with Layered Bangs Bob Swept Back Style Bob with Flared Bangs Bob with Inward Curls Bobs with Askew Bangs Boyish Pixie Braid Waves Braided Curls Braided...

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Essential Beauty Tips For Round Faces

Essential Beauty Tips For Round Faces

Round faces don't look unattractive, of course; yet today's popular media sources definitely show a bias in favor of oval shapes. Women born with...
Ball Dresses For Skinny Girls

Ball Dresses For Skinny Girls

Skinny girls want to look beautiful in their ball gowns too. Most ladies want to be super thin, but slender girls know its not...
Footwear Trends for Men

Footwear Trends for Men

High-end footwear says volumes about who you are. Whether you rock Kenneth Coles, Mark Ecco, or some other brand of men's shoes you have...

Bridal Styles For Long Hair

Bang Braids Black Braided Bun Blonde Bun Braid Around Braid Highlights Braid it Down Braid Strands Braid The Pony Braid The Tail Braid to The Fore Braided Bun Braided Pony Braided Strands Braided Twirl Braids of Grade Bun &...

Short Bob Haircuts for Older Women

Amazing Layered Hair Asymmetric Bob Hair Beautiful Blonde Blonde Bob Hair Classic Style Cute Bob Hair Fashion Hair Women Grey Layered Hair Layered Haircut Round Faces Round Short Bob Hair Short Brown Hair Short Curls Thick Curls Thin...