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Evening Wear for Women Over 50

As women age, their styles change. This is true for any decade throughout the life of a female. Growing older does not have to mean dressing like an old lady. Many women over 50 have great figures and there is nothing wrong with showing off.

Elegance is key at any age. Dressing elegant for an evening out over 50 simply means dressing elegant. When shopping for the perfect evening wear here are some things to consider.

Evening Wear for Women Over 50

Evening Dresses For Women Over 50

Look in the mirror and choose your best feature. Do this with your best girl friend with you. Sometimes she can see things that you do not. A best friend will be kind, but honest. Choose evening wear that will compliment your best features and minimize your worst. If your best friend is not available, many shops have stylists on duty that will also help, but it is more fun with a friend.

A woman over 50, unless she has great legs, should not choose a mini skirt or dress. A long or mid length is better and will look beautiful. Showing cleavage is OK, if you still have a great bosom. However, face it; most over 50 women are struggling with gravity. So if the gravity gods have been kind, show off that figure, if not, be a little more conservative.

When trying on a dress, make sure your undergarments fit well and will not show unnecessary bulges. Consider some under garment shapers to help hold things up and in. Ill-fitting underwear will ruin the most elegant evening dress.

Accessorize your look with some jewelry. You don’t need to empty your jewelry box, just some simple pieces will do. The jewelry should match the outfit and not over power it. Keep it simple and it will be elegant.

Shoes should be comfortable. Again, comfort does not mean old lady looking. Some very stylish shoes fit well and are comfortable. Choose a pair that will match the outfit and keep you dancing all night, without the need to kick them off.

Dressing elegant for an evening out when you are over 50 does not mean dressing like a librarian. If 40 is the new 20 then 50 is the new 30. Dress for your body type and fit.