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Must-Have Handbags for Fall 2018

High fashion handbags are BOLD and make a statement this year. Whether they a travel bags, purses, or designer, they come in many shapes, sizes, and colors gracing the runways this year, but they all have one thing in common. They make a statement. The must-have handbags for fall 2014 are not any particular size or pattern. They are, however, unique.

Must-Have Handbags of Fall 2014


Must-Have Fall 2014 Handbag Trends


Clutch Bags

This season’s clutch is not made to blend in and let the outfit shine. It is a statement pieces. These bags are designed to create a daring look with color, embellishment, and pattern. Dior has designed a beautiful clutch embellished with crystal flowers on a white background. This lovely purse will add elegance and shine to any evening outfit. Bold patterns are also a must have this season. Nina Ricci and Dries Van Noten have turned up the volume with extra-large clutches in bold patterns. Nina Ricci’s laptop size clutch is bold in black and white with a geometric pattern. In a contrasting design, Dries Van Noten has a more subtle approach with a large, soft floral print. Black and white is not the only color combination gracing the runways this season. Just Cavalli introduced a large orange clutch with long purple fringe making it one of the most unique, must-have handbags of 2014. The embellished clutch maybe more popular than the handbag this season.

Shoulder Bags

When it comes to the shoulder bag, color and texture are this season’s trend. The runway has seen everything from glitter to fur for fall. Saint Laurent is showing a small, hot pink sequined bag. In contrast, Akris and Diane Von Furstenberg have created looks in fluffy, fake fur. Akris has a mid-size handbag in a beautiful orange. Perfect for fall. A bold blue color was the choice for Diane Von Furstenberg. Texture is the detail to look for when choosing this fall’s must-have handbag.

Backpacks Trends

Many designers sent backpacks down the runway for fall 2014. These are not the backpack purse that are found in the children’s department. They are sophisticated with sleek modern shapes. Topshop Unique produced a modern backpack bag in burgundy that can go from Saturday afternoon lunch to the boardroom. Its sleek design is beautiful as well as functional. Tommy Hilfiger showed a classic shaped pack with multiple textures. This plaid, leather, and suede bag is classic and chic. This season a modern and well-designed backpack can be carried in place of the traditional handbag.

The must-have handbags for fall 2014 are bold, eye-catching pieces. This season is all about being seen with audacious prints, colors and textures. The modern hand bag is the statement piece for fashion this fall.