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What Side To Get My Nose Pierced On?

If you are considering getting a nose piercing than you may be asking yourself, what side to get my nose pierced on? This is a great question to ask yourself, especially if you have not gotten a nose piercing before. Many people will tell you if you get a nose piercing on the right side of your nose than you must be a female, however, a male will get a nose piercing on the left side of his nose to establish himself as a male. People also believe the size of your nose piercing will indicate the riches you possess. This means if your nose piecing is very large and expensive, than you will be thought to come from a family of riches, however, if your nose piercing is very small and inexpensive than you are thought to come from a family with not very much money.

Nose Piercing

Nose piercing is still something which many conservative households do not feel very strongly about, however, nose piercing is becoming more acceptable in traditional homes as more and more television personalities and famous actors begin to showcase their own nose piercings. For now, nose piercings are thought to be a simple trend amongst teenagers who are hoping to look like some of their favorite movie screen actors or celebrities.

The nose piercings trend will likely last for quite a while as long as celebrities continue to get their nose pierced and continue to make it look visually appealing in the process! Whether you get a nose piercing on the left side of your nose or the right side of your nose is completely your choice and do not let anyone tell you to do it any other way. Many of the right side and left side nose piercings are simply rumors which have been created to give people a sense of information before getting their nose pierced. However, what it really comes down to during your nose piercing is whether or not your are feeling comfortable because at the end of the day it is your nose being pierced and no one else’s.

Nose piercing has been around for thousands of years and it thus becoming a fashion statement in certain parts of the world, mainly parts of western civilization where people are able to find symbolic meanings for each nose piercing. Still, many people in India will get nose piercings because it is a part of their culture not because they think the nose piercing is fashionable. If you do not feel like having a nose piercing in either the right or left side of the nose than you can always ask to have a nose piercing through the middle bottom of your nose which is quite common for people who want their nose piercing to be hidden from the general eye. Also, many teenagers will have the middle part of their nose pierced because they are easily able to hide this from their parents.

Piercing the nose does not hurt but many people will describe it like having a bee sting for a few seconds and then the pain goes away. However, it is important for people to treat their nose piercing after the nose has been pierced in order to reduce the chances of getting an infection from the open wound. Many females will have a nose piercing on both the left and the right side of the nose in order to symbolize themselves as a strong type of women. In order to avoid an infection after having a nose piercing, you are advised to clean out your nose with a special sort of disinfectant for the first few weeks after the nose has been pierced. You can never be too safe when dealing with a nose piercing which is why you will only want to work with a person you trust!